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Over the years, Vertekx has demonstrated unwavering dedication and maintained a consistent commitment,driving business transformation through robust and flexible digital solutions, addressing today’s requirements while unlocking tomorrow’s possibilities.

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Vertekx offers a comprehensive range of products and services aimed at assisting businesses in optimizing their software and technology operations.


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Partnering with Vertekx means gaining access to a team of professionals who are dedicated to your success, a broad spectrum of creative solutions, and cost-effective, forward-looking strategies. It’s a strategic decision that promises growth, innovation, and lasting value.

Success Stories

We developed a comprehensive Credit Repair Services solution utilizing SuiteCRM as the backend and multiple frontend portals for Brokers and End Clients. The system’s pivotal features involve extensive automation, leveraging RPA and AI to drastically minimize manual work and significantly boost operational productivity. It’s designed to scale seamlessly, capable of serving thousands of customers simultaneously.

Real Estate Operations System

We developed and deployed a tailored bilingual (English and Chinese) system specifically for managing Real Estate Properties and their residents in Hong Kong. The system focused on Resident Management, Access Management across properties and various sections, Incident Reporting, Customer inquiries, and SLA workflows. It incorporates a Customer Registration Portal and iOS/Android Applications for on-the-field access to essential features.

Low Cost Alternate Prescription

The healthcare system we implemented adhered to HIPAA regulations, featuring tailored setups for Low-Cost Prescription management. Its infrastructure was meticulously designed to meet HIPAA standards, incorporating Virtual Private Networks and Multi-Factor Authorization. The integrated faxing, powered by the sFaxMe service, served as a core component, streamlining workflows and enabling automation to handle thousands of clients concurrently.

Tourist Tax Refund Service

We designed this system to facilitate tax refunds for shopping by tourists in Mexico. SuiteCRM served as the primary backend engine, heavily customized alongside Affiliate Portals for agent use in handling Customer Data. To boost efficiency and minimize errors, OCR integration extracted pertinent data from various documents such as Passports, Boarding Passes, Credit Cards, and POS Receipts. Secure document storage via ShareFile was implemented for data security. Communication with customers utilized SMS (integrated with Twilio), Zendesk, and Emails.

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Over the years, Vertekx has demonstrated unwavering dedication and maintained a consistent commitment to delivering top-quality services. This dedication has enabled us to offer a wide range of services aimed at assisting businesses in enhancing their software and technology operations. With a proven track record of collaborating with leading brands, Vertekx has effectively streamlined its business processes, driving forward substantial progress.

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